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Many medical practices face financial challenges due to the ongoing changes in government regulations, guidelines and workforce. Outsourcing revenue cycle management will help you not only thrive but increase your cashflow.

Choosing the right revenue cycle management company would make a big difference in your ability to maximize reimbursements, manage patient records, and stay compliant with healthcare and insurance regulations.

Optimax Consulting Services LLC is here to help make run your practice smoother and more importantly, implement efficient billing and collections methods to help increase collections and get paid faster. Our goal is to help your practice receive the highest reimbursement as quickly as possible.

 When you work with us, you will realize that Optimax has been the missing link when you see us collaborate with your staff to create one functional enterprise focused on improving inter-office efficiencies while maximizing your revenue. This methodology affords your physicians more time to render meaningful high-level quality care to their patients.  

Optimax Consulting Services is the solution to the ever-changing and challenging healthcare environment. When you partner with us, you are positioned to make the best decisions for the sustainability and growth of your practice.   To find out more about how we can optimize your practice to maximize your revenue, give us a call at (888) 959-1014 or send us a message.
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Revenue Cycle Management

When you choose us for your revenue cycle management, we manage the administrative and clinical functions associated with collecting billing information, coding and posting charges, claims processing, payment, and revenue generation.

We focus on achieving fast and efficient reimbursements by using methods and best practices for selecting the most appropriate code for your services to help prevent claim denials, effectively manage claim denials, diligently collect insurance and patient payments and implement procedures to resolve claim reimbursement issues quickly.

We provide services that are appropriate for the size of your practice. Since smaller practices are able to implement changes and corrections to their processes easily, we focus on billing and collections for them. Large practices need comprehensive services, which may include consulting services to help improve processes such as collecting complete and correct insurance and all relevant information, verify accurate demographics for the patient, and collect the patient’s financial responsibility at the front end. All of these reduce rework throughout the revenue cycle and ultimately reduce potential denials and speed up reimbursements.


What We Do

In order to achieve the best possible outcome, we use available technology and the best billing and collections practices such as

   1. regular staff training on coding and billing processes
   2. educating patients about medical costs
   3. automated coding software for certain medical specialities
   4. upfront insurance eligibility verification using insurance verification software
   5. data analytics for revenue cycle efficiency, data-driven decisions and troubleshooting
   6. claims tracking
   7. denials tracking

Our business model is based on a percentage of collections. This incentivizes us to drive practice efficiencies for lowering costs and improving your financial margins. We provide the peace of mind that revenue management is scrutinized for maximum and consistent returns. With over 35 years of helping medical practices grow, we support your administrative, clinical, and business office entities as one dynamic system. This holistic oversight utilizes sub-system checks and balances that result in our surpassing national standards for revenue cycle key performance indicators. Let us share how our revenue cycle management and practice consulting services under one fee structure can remove the financial burdens of practice management/electronic health record and the associated electronic interface expenses.

Consulting Services

Our practice management consulting services focus on optimizing your practice’s specific workflows and processes and policies.

How We Work

We use a comprehensive approach. We conduct a thorough assessment of your front and back office workflows to give you our best recommendations with the goal of maximizing your revenue and increasing cashflow.

Why Work With Us

Our leadership has been helping practices improve cashflow, profitability and patient care for over 35 years. When you choose us, you can expect that we will identify areas of improvement and provide our best recommendations, such as:- how to increase collections and improve cash flow- how to increase efficiency in registration and data collection, patient flow, billing and collections- help solve problems that limit or impair productivity- tools and strategies to improve your practice workflows, billing and collections

Manage Services Organization

The Optimax Management Services Organization (MSO) is designed to allow private practice physicians to maintain 100 percent control of their practice. The objective is to consolidate business and financial management services for functional improvements and lowering costs. Optimax’s "turnkey" management affords physicians primary focus on enhancing the level of care they provide to their patients.

MSO Services We Offer

Billing Services
Billing operations oversight management
Bonuses and Taxes
Buying and Selling Physician Practices
Contract Negotiations
Discounts and provision of EHRs and medical equipment
Employee benefit management
Fee schedule management
Financial management
HIPAA compliance plan administration

Human resources management
IPA management
IT infrastructure management
Management and Board retreats
Market forecasting
Marketing management
Mergers, acquisitions
Operations management
Organizational governance
Payer contract negotiation
Payroll Processing
Physician compensation modeling
Providing and managing office space

Patient centered care
Process improvement
Practice financial dashboard(s)
Quality Assurance
Regulatory compliance oversight and management
Reimbursement analysis
Retirement plan management
Risk management (contract, financial, institutional)
Staff education and training
Tax planning and compliance
Valuation management

Our Clients

Aspire Counseling Services

Chemical Dependency & Behavioral Health

With several locations throughout California, we provide continued care and support through an effective intensive outpatient program that serves men, women, adolescents, and families suffering from substance use and behavioral health disorders. Our goal at Aspire is to help our clients develop the skills and relationships necessary for long term stability. 

Our unique philosophy and supportive environment has helped Aspire to become one of the fastest growing behavioral health/substance abuse treatment facilities in the Valley.

Psychiatric Wellness Center

Psychiatric Practice

Psychiatric Wellness Center began humbly in 1984 when Dr. Manohara opened a small office near Memorial Hospital on 34th Street. He moved to an office near Mercy Hospital a few years later and gradually expanded his staff.

Dr. Manohara’s goal has been to meet all of his patients’ outpatient mental health needs at one convenient location and to ensure inpatient care when needed by creating a comprehensive mental health delivery system to care for the community. Today, Psychiatric Wellness Center has grown to be the largest psychiatric private practice in Kern County.


Central Valley Surgical Center

Surgery Center

Central Valley Surgical Center (CVSC) is conveniently located in downtown Bakersfield. CVSC offers cutting-edge procedures and innovative techniques for patients dealing with a broad range of conditions. Our medical staff is attentive, highly trained, and extremely helpful, ensuring the patient experiences a caring, professional environment from the moment they walk through our doors.

CVSC prides itself on being efficient and much less stressful than other medical facilities offering similar services. CVSC offers a wide array of surgeries that allows patients to return home the same day. CVSC’s safe atmosphere and caring staff help minimize the anxiety and stress that can come with having surgery.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions

Interventional, Neuro-Interventional & Vascular Practice 

Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions is the first pure Interventional, Neuro-Interventional and Vascular practice in Northern California. Their mission is to provide patients with top-caliber minimally invasive medical procedures and diagnostic services, state of the art technology, and compassionate care in a safe and comfortable environment with minimal time, discomfort, and administrative procedure.

Optimax Consulting Services is a full service medical practice consulting company that focuses on optimizing your medical practice to maximize revenue and work flow efficiency.

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